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Why Have House plants

Organic Interior

Whether you are a maximalist like James or minimalist like Helen or maybe you're that in-between like Katie, there's a houseplant for you!

There are so many reasons to fill your home or workplace with houseplants. They are stylish and interesting, and come in a range of different shapes, colours, and sizes; along with flowering and some prickly. So whatever your space or style there's a houseplant out there for you!

House plants are good for your health too! NASA's study to reasearch ways to clean the air in space stations found that not only were plants able to do their normal, fabulous, job of photosynthesis in space ( removing carbon dioxide from the air to replace it with oxygen) but many houseplants also provide a natural and effective way of removing a wide range of toxins from the air too.




Plant Care


Don't let your plant sit swimming in the water, and if it's in a decorative pot cover then don't let it sit completely dried out either.

Use tepid water or rainwater whenever possible as this makes our plants even happier! If you are watering from above make sure the water is reaching the soil and is not just running off the leaves.

General rule

Allow the compost to dry out slightly between watering. 

Watering Indoor Plants
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